The Sorrows of a Mother

Today was particularly difficult with my daughter. Her illness is causing her to be delusional and hear things that people have not said, and to be very irritable and defensive. She also stated that she is mistreated and not appreciated. As her mother I tried to explain to her these things that she is thinking and hearing are not true. Even her siblings tried to tell her, but  she became very irritable and argumentative.

When things escalate this far it can be hard to step back especially for her siblings because even though we know this is the illness talking it appears to be real because she thinks its real. This is the hard part if schizophrenia . This is the part that makes a mother cry at night in her bed, wondering what the future hold for a beautiful young lady who’s brain interprets  things differently.

The hurtful things that comes out of your child’s mouth can just stab you right in the heart. But I will not give up on her. I will continue to tell myself that this is the illness and choose to remember the sweet lovely child that she always has been. That today we had some thunderstorms, but tomorrow always brings the chance for blue skies and sunny days.



1 thought on “The Sorrows of a Mother

  1. Thank you for being willing to share even the hard parts of your journey as a mother and hers, as a daughter.


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